TI Camp Staff

Join the Treasure Island Camp Staff (TICS)
Friends of Treasure Island was created to ensure that the magic of historic Treasure Island Camp (TIC) will be able to be experienced for untold thousands of campers in the future.
Join our mission to support Treasure Island Camp!
Volunteers are the core of any nonprofit organization and we are a pure all-volunteer organization.  Since “the rebirth of the national treasure”, that is TI, a core group of dedicated volunteers spearheaded this effort, in an operating alliance with Haubert Outdoor Oriented Adventure Hospitality (HOOAH), LLC and Treasure Island Outfitters (TIO), LLC. 
Our focus is on improving the program opportunities we offer to our campers as well as continuing to improve the infrastructure and facilities of the island as a whole.  To do this we need more volunteers to continue this effort.  In order to complete the FTI mission, we need a Camp Staff.
Here is where YOU come in. 
TICS members commit to supporting weekend camping operations during our scheduled season.  Arrival is on Friday night and departure on Sunday afternoon.  TICS members are encouraged to come to camp for the weekend however if your schedule does not allow for the entire weekend please volunteer the time you have.
You must apply and be accepted to become a member of the TICS.