Conservation and Service Projects

FTI Volunteer Service Recognition Program

CONSERVATION / SERVICE PROJECTS: Projects announced at the meeting.  Saturday morning secession: 8:00AM – 11:30AM.  Saturday afternoon secession: 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM.  FTI expects activities to be conducted safely.  We have project opportunities that suit all ages and skill levels. 

Additional conservation hours not listed on the camp schedule are available.  You determine how many hours you want to put into the project.  Please coordinate with the TICS and we will work with you to fill your need.  Our highly skilled foresters work with your youth to explain and teach about why the project is important so the project is much more than just work.  Materials and tools are on site unless we put out a request for special tools.  Boots for conservation and service projects as MUST.  Bring work gloves and all the energy you can muster.

FTI Volunteer Service Recognition Program

FTI encourages all youth and adults who camp on historic Treasure Island to dedicate a portion of their time toward a conservation or service project.  These projects are not a requirement and never mandatory for no cost camping but we certainly encourage it as you have the opportunity to earn a free patch.  FTI implemented a recognition program to honor the service rendered to restore and maintain Treasure Island. 

Individual FTI Volunteer Service Recognition Program Criteria:

You must track hours for youth and adults who:

  • Complete three (3) hours of service or conservation project time on Treasure Island receive a FTI Volunteer patch.
  • Complete ten (10) additional hours and receive a rocker denoting “10 Hours of Service”.
  • Complete fifty (50) additional hours and receive a rocker denoting “50 Hours of Service”. 
  • Complete one hundred (100) additional hours and receive a rocker denoting “100 Hours of Service”.
  • Complete five hundred (500) total hours (500 hours = 5 – “100 Hours of Service” rockers) which means you have earned a full round of 100 hour rockers, plus the 63 hours already earned and you are automatically entered as a Lifetime member, and receive a Founder’s patch.

See the Service/Conservation Hours Tracker (Excel Spreadsheet) for information required and format.

Recognition will either be provided at the end of the weekend or shortly thereafter by mail.

Camping Group Service Recognition Program:

Recognition of camping groups providing service on Treasure Island will be via a Service Recognition Board, erected on Treasure Island.  This Service Recognition plaque is located in the Ridge Trading Post.:

Tin: 100+ Hours: John Voelker once wrote, “…only in the woods can I find solitude without loneliness; because bourbon out of an old tin cup tastes better out there…”  Of course, Treasure Island is an alcohol-free facility, but we cannot help but agree with the sentiment.

Aluminum: 250+ Hours: This is one of the most important metals for camping!  We find Aluminum in pots, pans, pack frames, utensils, and even colanders.

Bronze: 500+ Hours: Trophies and challenge coins, plaques, and statues…all of these come in bronze.  Are you up to the challenge of 500 hours?

Gold: 750+ Hours: Gold is a metal integral to multiple levels of our society and prized through the ages.  The gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness. 

Silver: 1,000+ Hours: Silver is also a metal that finds roots in many recognition programs and has been in use for currency all over the world. 

Titanium: 1,500+ Hours: Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and used in some of the finest gear for high adventure treks when weight constraints play a vital role in the success and enjoyment of the trip.  Treasure Island’s rustic setting is the perfect place for a gear shakedown.

Submit your completed Service/Conservation Hours Tracker (Excel Spreadsheet) via email to Tom Brankner:

FTI Volunteer Service Recognition Program Criteria and Tracking Form