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  1. Dear Old T.I. has been part of my family for at least 80 years. Both my Dad and his brother helped plant the original pine trees on Pine Road. Both became Vigil members of the Order of the Arrow. My uncle was on the staff with Russ Gerhabt during the winters to keep an eye on the island. My brother and I eagerly looked forward to the summers of the late 50’s and 60’s knowing we would have our 2 weeks at TI.

  2. Mr Maser, I heard your Dad planted those pine trees from Howard Rubin ! After being on staff at TI , admiring those towering trees and taking forestry merit badge I went into forestry as a career. I love those trees. Come visit us and see how tall they are now !!! A few have come down in the various storms.

  3. From 1998 to 2005 my father Dan Cicchino was the ranger of Treasure Island. I am just coming across this group and website now! I feel genuinely blessed to have the memories I do of TI. It was an incredible place to grow up in, and I am so looking forward until I can see the camp again.

  4. Hi!
    Thank you!!! They are thrilled as am I! The girls had a blast this past weekend (11-13 September 2020)! The Loved helping with their conservation project, canoeing and the campfire! We are so happy to be able to come to the island!!

    I have a crazy idea!! I wanted to run it by you.
    My girls want to go backpacking and I want to keep their first trips enjoyable and short.
    For the weekend of April 23, 2021… I was thinking about Camping around Tinicum county park with them on Friday night, and backpacking part of the canal on Saturday… could we spend the night at a remote site on TI on Saturday night?
    Just a crazy thought…
    T 147

    FTI can do that. It’s a great idea! See you in 2021.

  5. Hank,
    I hope you had an awesome time with your family on vacation. I was hoping to get to shake your hand this past weekend, but alas; we will be back! I wanted to thank you for providing us with an amazing experience. From the beginning, logistics and communication were top notch and when planning a trip like that, especially for a fairly “green” group of scouts; that alone makes it so much easier!
    It was a pleasure to meet and speak with Frank and the rest of the TI staff. It truly was an amazing experience!! You guys are doing an awesome job of bringing TI back to life and I look forward to helping with that when I can and also supporting it along the way with our scouts. To be a part of the first campfire in the ceremonial circle since 2008 was something very special and I know my scouts will treasure that memory for a lifetime.
    God bless your team
    Yours in Scouting,
    T 452G

  6. As a staff member at Treasure Island the year it reopened I believe 1982 or 83 the memories flow along with tears of pain. I can remember playing my harmonica at city hall as a group of scouts from all different troops sat happily and sang along. As the Rifle instructor, teaching eager young men how to shoot clean and maintain a rifle, only to see boys I taught and trained as rifle instructors. Having a dancing conga line of happy scouts follow me around camp while I played my bugle, and being invited by so many troops to come to an evening campfire with harmonicas in tow and scouts so happy to see me they would fuss and fidget just to sit close to me.
    Those awesome feelings of being appreciated and liked are wonderful lasting memories.
    And when teary eyed boys come running up to you for a goodbye hug and thanks for a great week,, those are super special..
    Thanks for the memories!!!

  7. As a young scout who began his scouting career in 1952, in East Germantown, Philadelphia, Dear ole’ Treasure Isle has never been out of my fondest memories. In those days, we were responsible for rowing out to the island in a long boat that held 14 scouts and a helmsman who would, as in a Roman Galley movie, yell: “Pull, Pull.” It was magic earning Tracking and trailing reqs by coming to the end of the course, near Marshall and looking around wondering how we would prove we (my buddy, Danny Shaw and I) had made the successful run, when, suddenly, our SM, Duke Doughty, began to chuckle. We couldn’t find him until we looked up and saw him in a tree immediately above us. Maybe some of you old timers will remember Jim Nicholson, Our previous SM who, already had a lifetime of dedication to the movement. I continued to Woodbadge staff, OA, and a wonderful career of unforgettable dimension in most of the adult leadership roles of the program including writing program for the national council.

    May God Bless the continuation of such excellence in youth and adult activity.

  8. I Loved Treasure Island When I attended
    it was the best camping trip i was ever on
    in my whole scouting career

    Have a Great Day
    Brian C

  9. But me and my father entered the order of the arrow while on this dear isle. It’s held close to my heart since I earned my brotherhood in the order when I was 16. I was put in charge of a project in a service weekend which included files of papers to be sent to council for the closing of the camp. I cried while doing the paper work

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