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Approved Weekend Camping Reservations

Day Visitations: Everyone is welcome, BSA registered or not, to visit TI on Saturday during a camping weekend.  Stay for the campfire.

Making reservations to camp on Treasure Island for a weekend camping has never been easier.

See the calendar on the right-hand side of this page for available dates and make reservations.  Select the start and end date with a mouse click of your desired camping weekend, and fill out the reservation form.  You’ll receive email confirmation of your request and when it is approved.  You may only make two reservations per group in a calendar year.  One in the spring and one in the fall. 

14 sites = 14 units per weekend.  All Dates are Subject to Change due to River Conditions.

Barge Schedule (Weather and river conditions permitting): Friday night: Runs start at 5:00 PM and continue until all units are on the island; Saturday: 8:30 AM; 11:30 AM; 1:30 PM; 3:30 (Dedicated water run); 5:00 PM; 7:30 PM; Staff – 10:00 PM.

There are two types of camping opportunities on TI:

FTI runs selected camping weekends in the spring and fall outside of the owners paid camping season (June-August) for members of FTI and organized groups that can provide a Certificate of Insurance.  If you want to camp and are not a member, join and camp.  All membership fees go too directly to FTI for program support.  FTI supervises these camping weekends through an all-volunteer, highly skilled, trained Treasure Island Camp Staff (TICS) who act as your living history interpreters to ensure the campers enjoy a safe and fun filled weekend.

Treasure Island Outfitters (TIO), LLC offers paid camping from June – August.  For dates and fees go to the TIO website:

Our Location – “Dear Ole Treasure Isle…that Camp along the Delaware”:

Treasure Island Camp

575 River Road (Ranger House)

Pipersville PA 18947

Parking is located in the lot next to the Ranger House on River Road.


  • Treasure Island Camp offers a safe but rustic, wilderness camp experience.
  • TI has provided this kind of “old school” camping and learning opportunity since 1913.
  • Provides your unit with an opportunity to teach your youth both leadership and basic outdoors skills.
  • From the time you arrive, your unit will face challenges – including getting its gear down to our dock, on to our barge, over to the island, and then to your campsite.
  • If you are accustomed to drive-in/trailer camping, this can be a new and challenging experience – one that offers youth members the opportunity to develop and hone their logistics, process management and organizational skills.
  • To that point, we strongly encourage that the youth be tasked with planning and controlling the process of moving your unit’s gear from our parking area to the barge launch and ultimately to your campsite.
  • We encourage adults to watch and to help when necessary for safety reasons, but to otherwise encourage your unit’s members to manage and problem solve this part of their stay – and as many others as makes sense given their ages and their level of experience as campers.
  • This is consistent with the type of self-sufficiency and initiative that we believe a camping experience on Treasure Island can provide throughout your unit’s stay.
  • Our objective is to help you provide your unit with a safe, formative, outdoor learning experience – one that is fun and challenging that your youth members will remember fondly for years to come.


  • We offer tent camping – most sites have one Adirondack/Lean-to.
  • No electricity.
  • We have pit latrines (two-hole outhouse).
  • No running water.  Water resupply is on the Pennsylvania side at Ranger House.
  • Fill water containers before arrival.
  • We make barge runs from the island to the Pennsylvania side on a schedule and special runs with prior coordination.
  • FTI offers a mini-summer camp program during your stay.
  • Almost all sites are near the river and not small.
  • We assign sites based on group size and arrival time.
  • For a map go to the Useful Forms section of the website and download if you want to make a specific site request on your reservation.
  • We encourage you to pack as if this is a backpacking trip.
  • Campers must bring everything they will need for their stay, including toilet paper.
  • You don’t need to bring a ton of gear to survive and have a good time.
  • Dining flies are a good idea.
  • Hammocks permitted however, no hanging hammocks in any standing manmade structures or buildings.
  • We do have a Gorilla carts to help move bulky items.
  • NO ONE gets on the island wearing open toe shoes (Defined as sandals, or flip-flops).  NO wearing of open toe shoes in camp.
  • All campers and visitors must wear shoes/boots (any closed toe footwear) at all times.  We can’t stress this enough!  We recommend boots, especially while working on service or conservation projects.
  • All aquatic activities (swimming, tubing, canoeing, wading when fishing require the wearing of River Shoes (Defined as “any type of closed toe footwear”.  River Shoes must be worn in the river when, working, wading or swimming.  No exceptions.
  • We encourage cooking over wood fires.  However, you can bring propane, white gas, or charcoal.  We have plenty of wood.  Do not bring wood from home.
  • Service hours are appreciated, but not required – and projects vary with work gloves being necessary.  If special tools are required, we will email you with a list prior to your stay.
  • Rainy conditions during the loading, crossing, and unloading portions of your visit can provide important learning opportunities and packing lessons.  Ensure your gear is “waterproofed”.  Rain has a tendency to wet items not properly waterproofed, especially sleeping bags!  Please do not bring items in paper bags!!  The bottom of the barge is usually wet.
  • We strictly enforce NO ALCOHOL during camping weekends.


  • It’s our dynamic “mini-summer camp style weekend program” that makes it magic.
  • A ride to and from our island camp on one of our two barges
  • Archery – minimal fee
  • Ax throwing
  • Canoeing – minimal fee
  • Morning and evening flag ceremonies
  • Leadership and skills training by doing
  • The Goodman-Edson Museum
  • The trading post and TI gear
  • Making new friends and cementing old relationships
  • Orienteering course
  • Self-guided tours with our extensive history book
  • Experiencing and embracing the “TI Spirit”
  • Interfaith Worship Service
  • Viewing the historic Lenape Grinding Stone
  • Scouting Heritage Merit Badge – offered
  • FTI Fieldcraft Academy – Bushcraft skills offered all day
  • Cooking on wood fires
  • Conservation projects led by our trained foresters
  • Service projects as desired
  • Saturday night campfire in the Ceremonial Grounds, wood smoke, songs, laughter, skits, cheers
  • Field Sports on the Parade Ground
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Experiencing the history of the island.

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I hope this answers your questions.  If not please feel free to follow up via email.  Include your unit number and camping dates in the subject line of all future emails.