Program Options

Please note: All program is subject to river and weather conditions.

Archery Range Reservations

To make reservations click on “Archery Range Reservations” above.

  • Unit Archery Secession: Unit sessions = 1 hour.  Cost per unit = $20.00 range fee plus $5.00 / shooter.  TICS Level 1 Archery Instructor provided.
  • Scout Open Shoot: Cost per participant = $2.00 / 10 arrows.
  • Youth Camp Wide Shoot: Free! Age groups:
    • 11-14 year old group
    • 15-18 year old group
    • One Scout chosen from each Unit for each age bracket.
    • Winners receive TI Archer Award patches.
  • Adult Camp Wide Shoot: Cost per participant = $5.00
  • All fees must be paid on the island by cash, check or credit card.
  • Shooters earning a bullseye 🎯 receive an “I shot the Bull with Hank & Frank” patch.

In addition to units being able to rent the range during their camping weekend, special programs include:

  • Ace Archer: Awarded to the best of the best youth archer(s) during a camping weekend as part of a camp-wide shooting session.
  • Black Border Bullseye: Available for purchase at the Trading Post by those youth who have shot a bullseye and a score of 25 points or more (5 arrows) on a single target.
  • Gold Border Bullseye: Also available for purchase at the Trading Post by those youth who have scored 40 points or more (5 arrows) on a single target.
  • I Shot the Bull with Hank & Frank: Awarded to those adult Scouters during a camping weekend as part of a camp-wide shooting session.

Canoe Rentals

To make reservations click on “Canoe Rentals” above.

  • Canoe Rental is $10.00 per/hour per/canoe. Units must schedule canoeing in advance, so we reserve enough for use.
  • All rental fees must be paid on the island by cash, check or credit card.
  • Canoe rentals are subject to weather and river conditions, and will be decided day of the rental.
  • Canoes are stored in the back of the Dining Hall and taken through the Boat House area to the river.


  • BSA, Safe Swim Defense / Safety Afloat is in effect and is the responsibility of the unit leader(s).
  • Youth paddling the canoe must be swimmers.  A beginner or non-swimmer may ride in center.   Unit leader is responsible to verify paddlers are swimmers.
  • All participants must wear a PFD.
  • A qualified/trained leader in BSA, Safe Swim Defense / Safety Afloat must act as “lookout” on the TI landing dock.
  • No participants are to go south of the dock and must remain within sight of the lookout at all times.
  • The unit leader/adult lookout must account for all canoers at the end of the session.


  • Morning Colors
    • Saturday morning at 7:30 am.
    • Please arrive on time to participate.
    • Attendance is highly encouraged as there may be important information communicated to you for the events of the day.
    • If your unit would like to volunteer for color guard, please see the Program Director or Camp Director at the Friday evening leaders meeting.
  • Evening Colors
    • Saturday evening at 7:00 pm.
    • Please arrive on time to participate.
    • Attendance is highly encouraged.
    • If your unit would like to volunteer for color guard, please see the Program Director or Camp Director at the Friday evening leaders meeting or during the day on Saturday.


  • An axe throwing area is set up across from the archery range just off of the parade field.
  • There is no cost to participate.
  • Units are self-supervised.
  • Supplies can be obtained at the archery range.


  • FTI is proud to now offer instructor led courses focusing on outdoor skills.
    • Multiple hands-on sessions are held throughout the day.
    • Courses offered:
      • Fire Building
      • Orienteering
      • Outdoor First Aid
    • Sign up at Friday night leaders meeting or Saturday morning after Colors.
    • Not every course will be offered every weekend. The course of the weekend will be announced at the Friday night leaders meeting.

ORIENTEERING COURSE PROGRAM: A multi-point orienteering course is offered on Treasure Island. This self-initiated course is available throughout the day by the use of permanent orienteering markers placed on prominent landmarks as well as off-trail locations throughout the camp.  Units should bring their own compass but we may have some loaner compasses if needed.  Please pick up maps with instructions from the TICS at the Pavilion on the Parade Ground.  We are working to put the map and instructions on FTI website for download along with having hard copies available at camp.

GOODMAN-EDSON MUSEUM: The museum, located in Unami Lodge, holds a plethora of “treasures” from patches to long forgotten items used on TI.  Open during the hours shown in the Treasure Island Camp Master Program Schedule (above) youth can take advantage of this opportunity to meet our Museum Director to see hear about our vast collection.  If you’d like to donate any Scouting memorabilia to the museum bring it with you and discuss your donation with the Director.  All donated items are tax deductible and will have good secure home with FTI.


  • Scouting Heritage merit badge is offered most weekends
  • A Scouting Heritage merit badge councilor will be on hand to instruct scouts.
  • The badge will not be completed in a single weekend but our councilors will be willing to work with your scouts virtually to complete the requirements.
  • Your scouts are also welcome to come up for the day any time during one of our scheduled camping weekends to complete the badge.


Welcome to Treasure Island Charters by FTI. We will be offering a new fishing program on the Delaware River. You will climb aboard the FTI barge for an hour fishing excursion with one of our qualified Captains and fishing guides.  You can bring your own fishing poles/tackle or rent one of ours (fee to be determined).  We will bring you up river just a short distance and get you into better fishing waters than fishing off the docks or the Island. Your trip will last the duration of 1 hour. Fishing trips are river condition dependent and there is no guarantee to your catch! 

Available on Saturdays-8:00-9:00 am and 9:00-10:00 am

Sign up will be at Friday night leaders meeting or immediately after morning colors on Saturday.  Cost is $5/Scout

10 persons per time slot not including the Captain. Helpful if one adult leaders comes aboard to help provide 2-deep leadership. The adult leader will fish for free.

CONSERVATION / SERVICE PROJECTS: FTI expects activities to be conducted safely. To ensure the safety of participants, we use the Boy Scouts of America four points of SAFE when doing conservation and service projects.  We have project opportunities that suit all ages and skill levels.  FTI will let you know at the Friday Night Leaders Meeting what our focus is for the projects during your camping weekend.  Additional conservation hours not listed on the camp schedule are available. You determine how many hours you want to put into the project.  Please coordinate with the TICS and we will work with you to fill your need. Our highly skilled foresters work with your youth to explain and teach about why the project is important so the project is much more than just work.  Materials and tools are on site unless we put out a request for special tools.  Boots for conservation and service projects as MUST.  Bring work gloves and all the energy you can muster.


  • A camp wide campfire will be held every Saturday evening.
  • Attendance and participation are highly recommended. This is the icing on the cake for your weekend on TI.
  • The TI campfire is an experience you will never forget.
    • Skits and songs from campers and staff.
    • OA callouts.
      • If your unit would like your OA candidates called out on the site of the original OA ceremonial grounds, please let us know at least 2 weeks prior to camp so we can have a ceremonies team available.
    • Fun, fellowship, and an all-out good time.
    • Held rain or shine!  If rain the location is the Dining Hall.

SELF-GUIDED TOUR: Books for a self-guided tour are available on request.  The TICS cannot take units on tours unless time and work schedule permits.

Barge Schedule (Weather and river conditions permitting):

Friday night: Runs start at 5:00 PM and continue until all units are on the island.

Saturday: Staff – 6:00 AM; 8:30 AM; 11:30 AM; 1:30 PM; 3:30 (Dedicated water run); 5:00 PM; 7:30 PM; Staff – 10:00 PM.

Pick up from PA side during nonscheduled times: Call or text – Steve -215.605.7821 (Primary) or Hank – 410.340.9907 (Secondary).