Conservation and Service Projects

Who are we?  TheFriends of Treasure Island (FTI) exists to ensure that untold thousands of Scouts experience the magic of Treasure Island (TI) in the future. 

While we still have much to do to continue to improve the infrastructure and facilities of the island as a whole, TI is open to Scouts BSA units, Order of the Arrow Lodges, and Chapters for no cost camping.  You can help by completing a conservation or service project while camping.  In addition, your Scouts BSA unit can just come up on a Saturday during one of our Camping Weekends to put in the hours your unit or Scouts needs for rank advancement or a Merit Badge.  Moreover, your Scouts have the opportunity to earn a free patch.

How do We Sign Up?

  1. Scouts BSA units, camping for the weekend can sign up for a project when they make reservations, via email communications, or when you arrive in camp.

FTI Volunteer Service Recognition Program

FTI encourages all Scouts and Scouters who camp on historic Treasure Island to dedicate a portion of their time toward a conservation or service project.  These projects are not a requirement and never mandatory for no cost camping but we certainly encourage it as you have the opportunity to earn a free patch.  FTI implemented a recognition program to honor the service rendered to restore and maintain Treasure Island.  FTI tracks the service hours but encourages, the unit, individual campers, and volunteers to do so also. 

FTI Volunteer Service Recognition Program Criteria

Individual Recognition Program:

Scouts and Scouters who render five (5) or more hours of service to Treasure Island will receive a FTI Volunteer patch for their service.  FTI the unit and attendee track hours.  Once a Scout or Scouter has completed an additional ten (10) or more hours, they receive a rocker for their Volunteer center patch denoting “10 Hours of Service”.

If a Scout or Scouter has donated 50 or more cumulative hours, they will receive a rocker for their Volunteer center patch denoting “50 Hours of Service”.  If a dedicated Scout or Scouter has donated 100 or more cumulative hours, they will receive a rocker for their Volunteer center patch denoting “100 Hours of Service”.

Scouts and Scouters with an additional “100 Hours of Service” receive rockers as they accumulate that service time at Treasure Island.  If a Scout or Scouter achieves a full round of 100 hour rockers, totaling 500 or more hours of service, they will automatically be entered into the Lifetime membership program, and receive a Founder’s patch.

The unit leader submits the names Scout and Scouter’s.  This information should include the following information:

  • Date of Service
  • Scout or Scouter’s Full Name
  • Number of Hours Given
  • Unit #
  • Unit Type
  • Council Name

Recognition will either be provided at the end of the work weekend or shortly thereafter by mail to the participating unit.

Unit Service Recognition Program:

Recognition of units providing service on Treasure Island will be via a Service Recognition Board, erected on Treasure Island.  This Service Board will look much like a Rank Advancement board found in many Troops and organized in accordance with the metals of Scouting:

Tin:     100+ Hours: John Voelker once wrote, “…only in the woods can I find solitude without loneliness; because bourbon out of an old tin cup tastes better out there…”  Of course, Treasure Island is an alcohol-free facility during Scouts BSA events, but we cannot help but agree with the sentiment.

Aluminum: 250+ Hours: This is one of the most important metals in Scouting!  We find Aluminum in pots, pans, pack frames, utensils, and even colanders.

Bronze: 500+ Hours: Trophies and challenge coins, plaques, and statues…all of these come in bronze.  Is your unit up to the challenge of 500 hours?

Gold: 750+ Hours: Gold is a color integral to multiple levels of Scouting.  In Cub Scouts, the two primary colors are Blue and Gold.  The blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. The gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.  Every rank in Boy Scouts from Tenderfoot to Life contains Gold.

Silver: 1,000+ Hours: Silver is also a color that finds roots in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  From the Silver arrow points that began in the Wolf year to the Silver coins that are minted for special Boy Scout gifts.  Silver is also the color used for some of Scouting’s highest achievements – Eagle Rank, Silver Palms, Silver Beaver, Silver Antelope, and the Silver Buffalo.  There was even a Silver Fawn award!

Titanium: 1,500+ Hours: Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and used in some of the finest gear for high adventure treks when weight constraints play a vital role in the success and enjoyment of the trip.  Treasure Island’s rustic setting is the perfect place for a gear shakedown.

Submitting the required information for the Individual Service Recognition Program provides all of the data needed to track your Units combined service hours to Treasure Island.

Submit your completed FTI Volunteer Service Recognition Tracking Form via email: Bob Gilbert: or hand in at the end of a Camping Weekend.